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The sound of the band recalls that of groups such as Hate Eternal and Morbid Angel, for the evoked apocalyptic atmospheres and with the insertion of melodic parts in full Swedish Death Metal style.

PERDITION – Here We Are!



Today we are absolutely delighted to announce our first album, OBLIVION. Cover Artwork is by Alessandro Amoruso, a visionary artist with an incredible talent.
From a concept by Pasquale Ninni, it will be a journey through dark sounds and dreamlike atmospheres alongside two characters who wake up in a post-apocalyptic stage to search for a better world.

Stay tuned for more!

Happy to announce the collaboration with Volcano Records / Dark Hammer Legion from today. Our first album will be released in autumn. In the coming weeks we will reveal some details of this work, stay tuned!

A New Dimension

Death Metal Hymnodya project was born in 2020 from an idea by Pasquale Ninni. Engaged on several fronts, of which another Metal, due to the particular historical context experienced in him, this idea matures where he can express, not only from a musical point of view. Sharing the idea with the great friend Leonardo Ascatigno is another piece of their artistic and friendly partnership. Hymnodya is configured as a project with a high conceptual and cultural content.

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